Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2nd day in Honduras

Sorry for the delay of this post. The internet was down here for almost three days. I will not post more on a day to day basis if the internet works.

I arrived in San Pedro Sula on Friday March 2, 2012.. This is the 2nd largest city in Honduras. There I met Mary and Dr Jeff, the head of the Hackett-Hemwall Foundation and over 100 of the other docs. From there it is a 3 hour drive to LA Ceiba, which is not only the city of one of the clinic, but our base city. After everyone got settled in to the Hotel Paris, there was time to meet and catch up with many of my colleagues who I know from coming here to Honduras (this is my sixth trip). I have two good friend sthat are docs in Italy, one of them I ahd not seen for over 5 years. And mnay from throught the US. It was good to see everyone. Then we had dinner at the hotel - around the pool- dr and since most of us were tired form the travels and we all went to bed afterwards. Breakfast was at 7am and the 8am the lecture day on Prolotherapy began at 8am. After a half an hour introduction from Dr Jeffrey Patterson ( the head of the foundation), the lectures began. I was the first lecturer (yes I completed my lecture last night after dinner). It was on the knee and it was well received by everyone. Half the docs ehre are new to Prolotherapy and the rest have some or lots of experience doing it. The rest of the day there lectures from different docs on many of the joints in the body. There will be morelectures during the week- half an hour of lecture and half an hour on marking and ijections shown on a live subject ( one of us0) There are about 35 new doctors here and the rest (otal 75) either have some or a lot of experience. I along with a colleague from Monatan will be co-direcotrs of the AOlachito Clinic. Olanahcito is a city of 50,000 people located in the mountains aboutthree hours from San Pedro Sula.

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Peter A. Fields, MD, DC
“The Athletic Doc” and Ironman Triathlete

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