Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mid weekend break in Roatan

For the mid weekend, we get a break from Prolotherapy.

The flght over to Roatan was only 15 mins. Disbel Mansilla, DDS (my girlfriend) and her assistance were supposed to meet us in LA Ceiba. She and her dental assistant are coming down for one week to run the dental clinic in Olanchito. They missed a flight so will be arriving on Saturday. After getting everyone together at the island airport, we took taxis to our respective Hotels. Most of us stay in the West End, a very laid back town on the island. I stay at Coco Lobo, a small group of bungalows. There are only about 8 rooms. I have stayed here for a few years. The room I get looks directly at the ocean from the balcony. The other docs are scattered throughout the West End at various inns (there are no large buildings here; mainly one or two story buildings with no more than 10-15 rooms- mainly small bungalows).

Friday night we all attended a dinner party at a café that is outdoors and on the water. This is given by the foundation (Hackett-Hemwall). It was a good time to see the other docs from the two other clinics and catch up with colleagues that I see only once year. Sat and Sun, I organized scuba diving for those that wanted to go. The island is well known for scuba diving and there are many good dive sites there. I did dives two times on each day. My girlfriend and her assistant (Erin) flew in on Sat afternoon.
Disbel went diving with me on Sunday. Both days the diving was really good. We saw lots of turtles, a hammerhead shark, a barracuda, several moray eels and lots of fish and coral.

The rest of Saturday we spent just hanging around and chilling out. Sat night we went with a small group of docs to a new restaurant. Sunday after our two dives, we took a water taxi to another beach on our side of the island. There is an all inclusive resort there. One of the docs from Italy was staying there. About 20 of us met him there and hung out.

After a nice two day break we all got picked up by cans at 5am Monday am for the return flight back to the mainland and then a three hour ride to your clinic (the others went to their respective clinics).

More soon,

Peter A. Fields, MD, DC
“The Athletic Doc" and Ironman Triathlete

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