Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3rd day in Honduras

local transport

Dr F & Dr Patterson- head of the HHF

Sunday I was finally able to gt to work out. It was an off day, so I went for a for a five mile run. Then I met up with a few other docs you wanted to go for a walk so they accompanied me to the waterfront and I went for a 25 minute swim in the ocean. Then it was a casual walk back through town, see the city and stopping at the local street market to get some mangoes. At 11:30 our bus to Olanchito (the clinic town) left with a third of the docs- the other two thirds are split between two other clinics. It was a three hour ride to Olanchito, which sits in a valley surrounded by small mountains. Once there, we set up the clinic. It is house in a building that is used for general functions (weddings, parties, town meetings and the annual livestock show- the animals are outside though!).

We leave support bars (actually piping) which must be laid out on the floor and put together and the lifted up and put into place as a framework. Along with these bars, we lave many other supplies here plus we have and lots more shipped down each year too. Then sheets are hung to give the individual rooms some privacy. All the tables and supplies must then be put into each cubicle. All in all it take a few hours and by then we all tired an sweaty. It was back to check into the hotel and shower before we went off to dinner. Dinner, and the lunches that are delivered to us at the clinic, are provided by Erika. She is the owner of a local cafĂ© that serves excellent homemade food. She has been serving us for many years and her food is delicious. Then it was back to the hotel. Tom’w we start seeing patients!

Peter A. Fields, MD, DC
“The Athletic Doc" and Ironman Triathlete

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