Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day four- first day in clinic

After a 7am breakfast, we walked the half mile down to the clinic. There were over 80 people waiting for us there when we got there at 8am. Dr Ben (the co-director with myself) and I set up the working schedule. We put one new doc with one experienced doc. We each took two new docs plus would rotate around the other treatment rooms.

The am went fast. We have translators with us too. These are kids between 12 and 17 that go to the bilingual school in town. There they get an excellent education. We also have several docs form the US that are fairly fluent in Spanish. And we even have one doc that is from Puerto Rico, so he is our go to guy. At noon, lunch was brought to us by Erika, the woman whose restaurant we go to for dinner. After that it was lecture time. I gave the lecture today showing the injections for the knee. Each day at lunch we will present a different joint. Dr Ben and I will do most of the lectures but sometimes will ask one of the more experienced docs to do one too.

We closed the clinic at about 5pm. The day went well and we saw over 40 patients. Tom’w’ we should significantly more patient’s tom'w since Dr Jose was on local TV. He was interview for over an hour on live TV with call in questions. Towards the end of the hour several women called in asking if he was single or if they could have his phone number. This we kidded him about for the rest of the week.

All in all we have a great group of docs here.

That’s all for now.

Peter A. Fields, MD, DC
The Athletic Doc and Ironman Triathlete


After closing we were taken by one of the translators to a local gym. Basically a one from gym but in this rural third world town, it was a blessing. Several bikes, one elliptical machine, one treadmill. Also a few (as in very) free weights and two machines. And it is housed in a one room concrete building hot!). But it will work for know.

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